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Plateau Hike to the Banana Plantation

I have done this walk already in March 2003 on a free day. Today we have scouted the way to see if it could also offer an exciting day-trip for you, or not.
See for yourself: The pictures speak for themselves.
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The way leads you from Assomada to the coastal street. You pass through small villages and small settlements which are placed between fields of beans and maize. You also walk along tobacco plantations and finally reach a fertile Ribeira which is used for agricultural purposes.
Presently, all fields are cultivated: cabbage, salad, onions...etc. everything is cultivated. We already look forward to the strawberries which are due by the end of January.

The Tour in Brief

Composition Characteristic Altitudes/Distance Orientation
good to satisfactory from the mountains to the sea +80m, -600m, about 6 hours predominantly easy

Our Service on the Spot

As there are no adequate hiking guides for the Santiago Island available yet, you will get further information ** to this Tour on Santiago Island directly on the spot from Sibylle & Geraldo.
** Depending on the course of the tour the information will be the hiking map Santiago island and/or a description of the course and/or a local guide.

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