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Santiago e ka so Praia

The capitol-like Santiago Island is more than just the capitol Praia, says a capverdian idiom. Also for the tourist there is more than just the trip to Cidade Velha or the swimming at the other end of the Island in Tarrafal.

Walking Hikes in the Inland of the Island

Pleasure-hikers, for whom the hikes in the steep Ribeiras of Santo Antao or the steep ascents and descents along the slopes of the Pico de Fogo are too exhausting, Santiago holds out for other brilliant trips. Also the step-safe, accustomed and experienced walker will encounter his/her challenges.

Parque Natural de Serra

In the Parque Natural de Serra, a hiker encounters mostly highpaths. EITHER they lead down to the east coast with a wide view of the agricultural valleys of the Ribeira de Principal, the Ribeira de Sao Miguel, or the Ribeira dos Flamengos. With bright weather, you do not only see Maio in the east, but also the Pico and the Caldeira of Fogo -
OR the hiker takes the highpaths in the direction of the west coast. There, one enjoys the wide view from the plateau of Assomada to the Pico da Antonia.

Santa Catarina

Also, from the plateau of Santa Catarina you can follow very interesting and enjoyable trips of different lengths.

The most popular and well-known walk is probably to the Poilon

But there are also high hikes along the Ribeira de Santa Cruz that lead to banana cooperatives of Cancelo. There are also unique and charming hikes along the Ribeira da Picos that lead to San Thiago Major / Pedra Badejo.

Parque Natural de Pico da Antonia

The third stretch of the hiking area extends around the Pico da Antonia and the Parque Natural with the same name.
According to your preferances you can find a span of walks that vary in degree of difficulty from easy to very difficult.
  • Whether you face the challenges of the Pico da Antonia - assisted by a local guide (strongly recommended).
  • Whether on your walks and hikes you would like to discover Rui Vaz and its surrounding nature in the wide, fertile and - some periods - very green valleys of Orgaos OR would prefer the heights of the Monte Tchota with the capverdian summer breeze.
  • Whether you would just like to visit the botanical garden (INIDA) or also see the Artesanato of S. Domingos.

Our Service on the Spot

You will receive further information on all this tours directly on the spot from Sibylle & Geraldo. Depending on the degree of difficulty in finding orientation you will be provided with the hiking map Santiago island, with a sketch of the tour and/or a description of the course and/or a local guide.

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