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Pano di Terra

Pano die terra (creole:: pánu di téra) are usually understood to be the weaved cloths which the women of Santiago wear around their hips. These Panos can be purchased mainly in black or dark blue. They consist of various lengths that are sewed together. The price for such a traditional pánu di téra is around 50 €.

We have managed to find a weaver who is willing to weave single Pano - pieces in different colours and patterns. They can also be multi-coloured.

A Collection of Patterns
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Each Pano is around 180 cm long and about 16-17 cm wide.
Price: 1.000 ECV.

The multi-coloured cloth is only 14-15 cm wide and about 110 cm long. (fringed = 120 cm).
Price: 500 ECV


The Weavers at Work
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People say that around 30 years ago the wool was still spun of cotton on Santiago. It has been alleged that the plant was once imported from America to make new income opportunities on the islands available. A long time they have survived as wild plants.

However, so far we have not found any evidence about when and if the cotton was cultivated on Cape Verde at all.

What can be said is that within the past 30 years the wild growing stock has decreased to a great extent. Today there is only very isolated wild cotton to be found. Panos made out of this cotton are considerably softer than the ones weaved with the imported yarn. It is almost unaffordable because of the cotton's rarity.

A quick Creole - Lesson

  1. Pánu
    A material and basically every cloth. It derives from the portuguese word pano.
  2. Pánu di téra
    The weaved cloth unique to Santiago.
  3. Pánu di bitxu
    A weaved cloth with a relief-like pattern (of animal motives)
  4. Pánu d'obra
    A difficult and costly manufactured cloth with patterns and fringes on which two weavers work daily together for two weeks from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 4 pm. Already the preparation time for the loom takes a day, said the weaver. It is often used as a means of decoration in houses.
  5. Pánu txan
    A smooth, black - white striped cloth without any other motives.

Our Service

You can either buy the Panos on Santiago with the Loja of Tute[i] in Calheta or with the Accomodation Mira Maio If your colour or pattern should not be in stock we can easily get them within a few days. In most other places on the Island the Panos are either not obtainable or can be found only in black or dark blue.

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