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Casa Tute - Bar and Restaurant Esperança

Loja Casa Tute [:i:]

  • whether you need to send off some Santiago-Postcards,
  • " or a small (multi-) coloured Pano de Terra
  • " or just some small things for the everyday use,
  • " or whether you want to phone someone...
The shop is daily opened from 8.00 in the morning until late at night. Tuti and Celeste, or one of their elder children will warm heartedly serve you not far from the fishing harbour. Just ask, everyone knows Tute.

Bar Esperança

During my first longer stay in Calheta in spring 2003 I got to know and came to appreciate this bar. Under the protection of a Palm-roof you can have snacks all day long, or a cool Estrela and a local Radler...etc.


I came to appreciate Celeste´s cuisine in March 2004. He cooks most delisciously and offers the local market´s freshest products. Even if you have special requests - like low-fat diets (Dean Ornish) you will find yourself in safe hands. As everything is bought in fresh conditions we recommend you to order a table in advance a night earlier.
Feel free to choose from the Menu. The Menu will be available in more languages on the spot.
You will meet us - at least - twice a week at Tuti´s and Celeste´s place. We look forward to getting to know YOU at our friends' place.
Ementa Restaurant Esperança
Sopa di ligumi mista 150 ECV
Sopa di galinha 150 ECV
Sopa di pexi 150 ECV
Salada di tomati 150 ECV
Salada mista 200 ECV
Lapas ku pon (3) 600 ECV
Spaghetti ku modju di tomati i pexi 500 ECV
Spaghetti ku adju i tomati 400 ECV
Omeletti ku pexi o/i ku chourizo i keju di kabra 400 ECV
Katxupa (3) 250 ECV
Pexi (2)
Pexi di dia ku ligumi ku aros o xerem (1)
Skabeju di pexi ku aros o xerem (1)
Garupa ku modju di sabóla ku batáta ingléza (1)
Bifi di Serra ku modju di sabóla ku aros o xerem (1)
Polvu (3) 500 ECV
Carne (2)
Pintxu ku aros
ku pimenton, limon, tomati, sabóla
700 ECV
Galinha ku ligumi 700 ECV
Feijon ku munte kusa ligumi i aros o xerem
(batáta doce, batáta ingléza, rapol, sabóla berdi/talóti di sabóla)
300 ECV
Feijoada ku aros o xerem 300 ECV
Banana flambe 200 ECV
Dósi di papaya 150 ECV
Pudin di leti 200 ECV
Pudin di koko / keixo 250 ECV
(1) = ( Présu di dia )
(2) = - grelhado na bráza/ asádo na fornu
         - grelhado na lumi (di 4 pessoa)
         - kusidu
(3) = So abizu un dia ántis
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