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A Western Turn around the Pico da Antonia

The southwestern part of the Pico da Antonia is an arid landscape. Springs can be found only in the deep notched Ribeiras, but there are many. This way you always come across fertile and green oasis. The ascent and descent of the Goto Barava is challenging and requires caution.
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The Tour in Brief

Composition Characteristic Altitudes/Distance Orientation
good to bad, be free of vertigo down - up - down +400m -800m, about 5 hours at some parts difficult

Our Service on the Spot

As there are no adequate hiking guides for the Santiago Island available yet, you will get further information ** to this Tour on Santiago Island directly on the spot from Sibylle & Geraldo.
** Depending on the course of the tour the information will be the hiking map Santiago island and/or a description of the course and/or a local guide.

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