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Route S04: Santiago Island on Easy Paths

7-day Route

1 Capital Praia with Plateau and Sucupira
After your arrival in Santiago you move into your hotel at the Achada St. Antoino. You then have a free afternoon and evening. We highly recommend that you visit the capital Praia with its centre Plateau, the Mercado Municipal and the African market Sucupira.
2 Cidade Velha and Hikes to accustom yourself
While your luggage is being transported further you will be brought to the old capital Cidade Velha, where the history of the Cape Verde Islands began. On top of the place stands the old fortress, which was built as a defense against pirate attacks.

Next to the oldest church of West Africa and the Convent you can find the Pelorinho, which is a memorial of the slave trade. It is right in the middle of the - otherwise - sleepy place.

After an optional lunch your driver brings you to your starting point of today's exploration. From a green oasis within arid land you begin the ascent to the Monte Txota where you also stay overnight.

Monte Txota
3 Monte Tchota - Santiago's Viewpoint
Today you remain in the capverdian summer breeze at a height of 1000 metres. Accompanied by a local guide your trip leads you along Eucalyptus forest to the viewpoint of Santiago, the Monte Txota, and the neighbouring plateaus.

Alternatively the group can also make a start on the Pico da Antonia with a local guide. This rather demanding challenge to the "roof" of Santiago rewards you with good weather with even more unique (in)sights of large parts of the island.

Tonight's comfortable accommodation offers brilliant scenery. The restaurant's dishes are cooked with self-cultivated products and have an outstanding quality.

Monte Txota
4 Botanic Garden + Free Afternoon
In the morning you descend along Eucalyptus forest to the botanical garden of S. Jorge and the agricultural experiment station INDIDA. Your luggage transport awaits you at the end of the valley. You are brought to your accommodation, which is right next to the coast.

In your free afternoon you can take a swim in the surf of the sea or at one of the small sandy bays, OR you can just relax under the sunroof of an open-air bar.

In the evening, the second special highlight of this week awaits us: In the fishing harbour of Calheta Celeste serves superb capverdian cuisine in his restaurant. We all can peter out the day in that flat open-air bar.

5 In the evening, the second special highlight of this week awaits us: In the fishing harbour of Calheta Celeste serves superb capverdian cuisine in his restaurant. We all can peter out the day in that flat open-air bar.
After the visit to the biggest African week- and farmer market we drive to the Poilon, the oldest Kapok tree of the Cape Verdes. From there we begin today's trip.

Following a short ascent we hike relaxingly, though for 6 hours, on the plateau in direction to the coast. We pass numerous little villages and hamlets, which lay between fields of beans and corn. We pass tobacco plantations and arrive at a fertile and agriculturally used Ribeira. The huge banana cooperative marks the end of the hike. Our transfer bus brings us back to our accommodation.

6 On old linking Paths to Batuku
On old connecting paths we hike into the interior of Santiago. Wide views across the country to Assomada, and even to Maio, open repeatedly.

The climax of this trip is music and dance of a Batuku group. The group consists of women and girls of various families. Most often the spar of enthusiasm is passed on to everybody just after the first song. The performance becomes a celebration for the group as well as for all visitors. As a fitting refreshment you get a traditional homemade Katxupa after the hike.

In the late afternoon, your luggage transport gives you a lift to your basic and clean accommodation with a sea view to the bay of Tarrafal **

(or Calheta **)
7 Snorkeling + Fishing + Kayak + Beach
The sand beach of Tarrafal with its palms brings almost a Caribbean feeling up. A guide accompanies you to well-selected places for snorkeling in the bay of Tarrafal. Other options are to take a kayak to the Farol of Tarrafal, go fishing, or go swimming…etc. Fins and masks etc. are free of charge available at the accommodation with a sea view.

At lunchtime / in the afternoon you either drive along the coast or through the countryside back to Praia in order to continue your tour. (e.g. to Fogo (Luigi Fogo) or S. Vicente/Antao (Viagens dos Sonhos) or Sal/Boa Vista (Viagens dos Sonhos)).

** Calheta
Because of flight technical reasons, the overnight stay in Tarrafal can be substituted with a third overnight stay in Calheta. In that case we invite you to a big farewell dinner in Calheta.

The luggage transfer is included; we guarantee you experienced guides on all tours. An English guide is possible for an extra charge on all days

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Your attention please: The landscapes of all Cape Verde Islands are very very different. They change according to seasons and areas: Very green and cultivated with corn, beans, tobacco..etc. from October to Mid- January/ End-February; dry and arid during the high summer months July-August. Inbetween you encounter green oasis all through the year. They are agriculturally used (springs, ground water). In the higher, relatively humid zones/ cloud fields you encounter forest like the natural park Serra and the Pico da Antonia.

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CidadeVelha 1
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Monte Txota 1 Monte Txota 2 Monte Txota 3


Plateau Hike 1
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Batuko 1
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Accomodation Seaview in Tarrafal
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